About Us

Club Pacific Volleyball is a girls’ volleyball club for ages 9-18 based in El Cajon California.  We offer both travel and local teams during the regular club season which runs from December through June for travel teams and January through May for local teams.  We also have fall teams for all ages from August until October.  Every November, we hold tryouts for the regular club season.  Tryouts help us place the players on the appropriate teams based on their age and ability.  Every player is guaranteed a spot on a local team upon completed registration.  We offer spots on our travel teams to the most competitive players.  If a player chooses to accept the offer, they can then register for the travel team.

Club Pacific local teams play in 6 tournaments during the regular season, all of which are held at Epic Volleyball Club in Poway on either Saturdays or Sundays, schedules are set by the tournament director.  They meet with the teams for practices and tournaments approx. 6-8 per month depending on scheduling.  Practices are held at Valhalla High School on Sunday unless it’s a tournament day.  We also practice about two Saturdays a month and 1-2 weekday practices a month held in the evening at Cuyamaca College.  Practices for local teams start in early January.

Club Pacific travel teams play in 3 qualifying, 5 mandatory and 1 final regional tournament with practices starting in December and going through June.  The tournaments are held mostly in the greater Los Angeles area including Orange County, and also sometimes in Oceanside or Temecula.  Travel teams meet 10-12 per month including practices and tournaments.  They practice at Valhalla High School on weekends and at Cuyamaca College on weeknights.  Travel teams starts practices in early December.

Schedules for practices and tournaments are posted on our website calendar.  Dates and times are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control, so please check the calendar regularly for updates.

Registration for the teams begins at tryouts in November.  Local players can sign up immediately if they want to play on a team.  Travel players can sign up when they are offered a spot on a team, the dates of which depend on the SCVA commitment day policy.  Our payment schedules can be found on our website where we also offer online payments.


Club Pacific Volleyball Club is committed to providing a positive learning experience to both boys and girls.  We strive to provide the best coaching and mentoring of young athletes both on and off the court.  The goal is to not only make the young girls and boys better volleyball players, but also persons with positive impact in the community.



Repetition is a key element to our coaching beliefs. Every effort should be made to maximize ball touches for every practice. The more time spent correctly executing the drill the better the athletes will become. Every minute we have in the gym is important. “If you are not getting better, then you are getting worse – you don’t just stay the same.” Coaches need to incorporate the warm up into a drill. We would rather have the athletes warming up while touching the ball as opposed to running. If conditioning is needed, then time should be set aside prior to or after your two hour practice block.


It is our responsibility as coaches to be prepared with a practice plan. We should have in mind what our general goals for the team to accomplish are for at least three practices in advance. Then you can adjust your thoughts as each practice approaches. If we don’t prepare then we are not doing our job and cannot expect our athletes to do theirs.


We believe in the proper execution of the fundamentals. Before athletes can grow as players they must first be able to properly execute the fundamentals. It is our responsibility as coaches to ensure our players can perform basic volleyball skills using proper form and technique by:

  • Instruction
  • Demonstration
  • Drill Repetition
  • Praise & Correction

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